(verb) also spelled "aganoize"

to complain constantly or incessantly in such a way as to be noisy; an action performed by an 'agony ant' or one who behaves in a way in which they appear to be complaining/worrying most every time they are encountered; one who appears to only see life as a series of stressful, sometimes tragic events and never has anything pleasant to say.

see also, aganoize (verb), aganoise (verb), agony ant (noun)
My Mom: "My paycheck was late again this week, Uncle Rob's cousin has inoperable brain cancer, the oil change for my car was $120, gas prices are going up again, and I think I'm developing a rash - which I hope isn't that superbug Staph infection going around..."

My friend, later that day: "How's your mom?"

Me: "She started to aganoise, so I had to ignore her."

Friend: “Meh. She’s such an agony ant.”
by razed October 17, 2007
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