the act in which a pip'n ass male gets some sweet juicy pussy in the hours of 2:00pm to about 6-6:30pm
"gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight gonna bring on down, some afternoon delight"
by satan beef April 02, 2010
A really good, yet not well know, ice cream sundae that has Ice cream(any flavor), chocolate syrup(or hot fudge), strawberry syrup, chocolate Chip Bits, (Sometimes peanuts), Whip cream, and a cherry on top in that order.
The ice cream place down the street has really good afternoon delights.
by doggmann September 19, 2007
A term for smoking weed in the afternoon
Person 1: Yo, this weed is dank when smoked in the afternoon
Person 2: This is what i like to call Afternoon Delight
by EastSideKid July 01, 2010
The wiff your co-worker taking a S#*T everyday after lunch.
Don't yawn whilst passing the restroom unless you want an afternoon delight.
by asun September 17, 2007
When you discover that an often overlooked cable channel broadcasts WKRP reruns at 3:00 pm
Afternoon delight is great. Herb Tarlek is great. Bailey Quarters is great.............
by A. Horace Isahors April 09, 2005
a song that will ferrel uses to describe love...
love is like... well here
*sings afternoon delight*
by ryan January 05, 2005
The awful title of one of the most awful songs ever written. It was performed by the Starland Vocal Band, a group of talentless hacks who are living proof that you can, in fact, sell your soul to Satan in exchange for success.
If you were around in the 70's, as I was, the "song" Afternoon Delight will scar your psyche until your dying day.
by Led Zeppole March 18, 2004
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