An insult that is understood (and sometimes only insulting) long after the delivery.

Not related to After Burner Fart
Mark: "Janet, you're decorative."
Janet: "Thanks Mark!"
Mark: "Never mind."

Hours later...

Janet: "I'm decorative? Like, only good for like, making things pretty and stuff? Owwww, That burns."

Janet thought it was a compliment until she realized Mark was commenting on her mental abilities or lack there of; Mark had insulted her with an After-Burner.
by Marshall Gibson September 29, 2009
Top Definition
1. A hot, often painful dump that follows a meal of spicy food.

2. A hot, slow and often smelly fart that follows a meal of spicy food.
Man, that pepperoni and jalapeno pizza was good last night but the afterburner damn sure kicked in this morning!
by For Whom the Bell Trolls November 09, 2006
1.An action game with Jets from Sega.
2.Someone who torches your ass with a lighter.
3.If you eat chinese food with hot sauce your ass starts to burn.
4.When you eat at McDonalds/Burger King a Pig Crap Sandwich, and later have to will get After Burner feeling.
BIG :" OMG cartgass, you ate the HOT SPICY Burger"
Cartgass:" I already feel my ass burning WTF"
RIB:" LOL BK owned you haxx0rz"
by Bari May 07, 2005
a series of tiny toots that follow your initial fart usually ranging from 1(begginer) to 5 or more(expert).
tootman:WOW!!!!!that burrito allowed me to have ten after burners!
poopboy:wow i didnt think that was possible!
tootman:well it is so shut up before i do some on your face
tootman:hahahaha BITCH!!!
by josh,saxon,darian October 14, 2006
A fart that starts quiet then blasts at the end.
Dude - I was at the library, started a quiet fart and thought, what the hell, time to turn on the afterburner.
by RNPS January 05, 2008
Letting out a fart right before you start to pee.
I hit the afterburners right before I pissed.
by Knuck You September 13, 2011
When you rip a really bad fart and your asshole burns.
In gym, i let out the smelliest fart and then i had the after burners on.
by Kevythebevy December 06, 2003
A burning, oily shit that leaves one's anus burning for up to hours on end.
"Hey man, why are you limping like that?"
"I just crapped out the nastiest afterburner ever and my asshole's still feeling it."
by Sebastian Bitterspleen February 17, 2014
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