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One who continues to insist that Barack Obama was born in Kenya even after the release of his long form birth certificate proving he was born in Hawaii
Not even Jesus Himself could convince those crazy afterbirthers that Obama is a natural born US citizen
by Major Debacle May 01, 2011
citizens who have totally had enough of "birthers" and are ready to end that shit now
Join the "after-birthers movement" now, you know who we are after.
by donym August 04, 2009
Anyone obsessed (pro or con) with whatever document may be Barack Obama's most recently released Birth Certificate, or Certificate of Live Birth. Afterbirther's like to duke it out on political and popular conspiracy theory comment threads.
Kevin: "I just saw the latest forensic analysis of Obama's birth certificate on Drudge. What a forgery!

Dylan: "Good God man, you believe that crap? I was there when Obama was born!"

Pam: "You guys... such Afterbirthers!
by bkn April 29, 2011
A "deather"; i.e., someone that refuses to believe that Osama bin Laden is dead without seeing proof. Nicknamed "afterbirther" because such a person was almost certainly a "birther" (i.e., someone that demands proof that Obama was a natural born U.S. citizen) in the months prior to Osama's death.
Some Guy: Oh great, first the birthers, now the afterbirthers.
by blahpers May 04, 2011
One who continues to insist that Barack Obama is not a natural born US citizen even after the release of the long form of his birth certificate
That crazy afterbirther wouldn't believe Jesus, Himself
by Major Debacle April 29, 2011
A birther who, even after the release of Pres. Obama's "long form" birth certificate still doesn't believe he was born in the united states.
That wing-nut is an after-birther. He has seen Obama's long form certificate but still doesn't believe it.
by m00ndog April 28, 2011
A conspiracy theorist who still clings to the notion that President Obama is not a natural born Citizen of the United States even after he provided a certified copy of his long form Birth Certificate from Hawaii.
Anderson: Have you seen Obama's long form Birth Certificate?
Donald: Pfft! Proves nothing. It's probably a Photoshop. I'm convinced that he was born in Kenya.
Anderson: Congratulations, you've graduated from Birther to Afterbirther.
by treadlocke April 28, 2011