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the annoying part after you think your finished with the sex and cleaned up, a little bit more cums out
hey big boy didn't you clean up?
No you didn't look down
oh fuck
by craig March 11, 2003
When you cum after masturbating, clean up and a few minutes later you feel the aftercum and you need more tissues.
Ronan thought he was done after the cleanup, but he was wrong as he had some aftercum!
by chamakios July 20, 2010
When you cum once, you think you're done, but more comes out a few seconds later.
"I thought i was done, so I put it away, but I AfterCummed in my pants"
by newcarscent7 January 24, 2010
When males have sex or masturbation after the cumming and then when it turns flacid again you get a clear blob of aftercum
Mike's chode made a small aftercum
by xXNoobskiXx October 18, 2009
The aftermath of a right hand session. When a substance (similar to precum) comes out roughly between 10-20 minutes after a wank, hence the name.

Sometimes referred to as "postcum"
"I bust one off about 15 minutes ago and I just aftercummed"
by Christinction November 27, 2013
(male) when you cum a second time and have an orgasm to the next level (female) when a guy cums inside you and u push it out either to avoid pregnancy or to eat it
(male) I came in Ashli Orion's ass and i wanted to blow a load on her face, so i did an aftercum on her face... you should try it john. (female) Charley came inside me so i pushed it out and ate it.
by Fuzzy Twinkie May 04, 2009
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