A hairstyle pimped by nerdy white kids with curly hair that isn't nappy enough to be a perfect afro, nor short enough on top to be a true mullet.
Dennis rocks the Afro Mullet every day at work, what a fag!
by Carpmaster November 21, 2008
Top Definition
Afromullet best decsribed as an afro with mullet attatched to the rear (usualy ginger)
primarily found in the outer region of X-land moor and a few other desolate outlandish nether regions across the globe
man 1 " fuck me, look at the state of that over-sized afromullet!"
man 2 "isnt that ur girlfriend with him?"
man 1 "no that`s your mum you tool"
by bob 'n' dave December 27, 2006
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