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A girl who looks black but has african and latin blood.
she's morena or afro-latina.
by OsitoBo0 November 22, 2007
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A woman from or with roots from any spanish speaking country that has both black (African) and spanish ancestry. She has the best of both worlds. She comes in different delicious flavors. Cafe (Celia Cruz), cafe con leche (Zoe Saldana), caramel (Rosario Dawson) and sometimes leche (Mariah Carey). She is sensual, sexy, passionate, has the baddest curves and can dance her culo off. She is a goddess and you are lucky to know her and even luckier to LOVE her. Sometimes, this hottie is sad, because nobody knows she is latina and she has to prove herself with the latino community because of their own racism.
"Wow, Colombia has the most beautiful afro-latinas in the world!"

Guy #1 Did you know, Mariposa was Afro-Latina?
Guy#2 No! She's hot!
Guy#3 Yeah, I'm so lucky to have found her!
by Mariposa Linda January 18, 2009
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