When used alone, this means a big ass round curly hair-do worn by blacks. If combined with another word it just means African.
Afro-American= African American
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
An afro is extra large amount of pubic hair.
Guy1:Hey! that guy's got pubes on his head!
Guy2: Nah that's an afro!
by antidisestablishmentarianismman January 29, 2008
A large poof of pubic-style hair resembling a large brillo pad. Usually accompanied by a "pick."
Ice Cube had a sweet Afro in that movie with that really white skinned kid who became a nazi because he had no friends.
by Brandon September 19, 2003
Another word for a bush, or overly grown pubic hair around the crotch or vaginal area.
When i stuck my hand down her pants, i felt a huge afro.
by Zac May 21, 2003
a very very large amount of untrimmed pubes usually worn by people of bad hygene, ugly people, and people who don't get laid.
chick: oh my god where the hell is your dick
dude: you dont like my afro? what's wrong with you bitch
by j delicious March 30, 2005
Pubic hair on head replaced by Geri Curl replaced by do-rag replaced by dredlocks replaced by cornrows
Only old men and ghetto people have fros.
by Ex-Jersey March 31, 2005
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