When used alone, this means a big ass round curly hair-do worn by blacks. If combined with another word it just means African.
Afro-American= African American
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
Descriptive word describing someone or something portraying funk on any level.

No matter the colour, gender, or size.. anyone can jive.

Anyone can be afro.
"You're looking quite afro this evening."

"Gurl, you so afro in dem jeans."

by Lady-Bird November 28, 2007
A big poofy hair style used by Afro Thunder daily.
It gets hella girls but is rediculus.
used to hide stuff
"Afro thunder, where the hell did you get the buzuka from?"
"My afro."
"How the hell did you fit a buzuka in your afro?"
"Its foldable"
As he folds it
by honey bakin November 28, 2006
A Dance Dance Revolution character/dancer. He is a cool man from the 70's. His appareance is like Kobe Bryant when he had an afro.
Afro will dance at the Extra Stage.
by Samurai Katsu September 03, 2003
Large amount of hair on top of the head that has not been cut for ages.
Cosmo is a frenchy with an afro. He would go get a hair cut but he doesn't speak english cause he's french.
See also Frenchy
by Neglector March 28, 2005
a place to store all sorts of unusual things ,can also be mistaken for a big bushy og climbing on somebodys head ,looks stupid on white boys or girls.
paul is a white boy with a silly afro.
its just wavy (replies paul)
commonly seen in ghetto films such as menace 2 society or boyz in the hood
by afro man July 18, 2005
An afro is extra large amount of pubic hair.
Guy1:Hey! that guy's got pubes on his head!
Guy2: Nah that's an afro!
by antidisestablishmentarianismman January 29, 2008
A large poof of pubic-style hair resembling a large brillo pad. Usually accompanied by a "pick."
Ice Cube had a sweet Afro in that movie with that really white skinned kid who became a nazi because he had no friends.
by Brandon September 19, 2003

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