When used alone, this means a big ass round curly hair-do worn by blacks. If combined with another word it just means African.
Afro-American= African American
by Andrewsky March 05, 2003
one of the most awesome hairstyles in the world when you wear it right.
if you wear it wrong, then it may just be a recipe for disaster.

fun to put your hands in, great for cool pictures and AWESOME with wayfarers

close cousin to the jewfro which is also cool
When I first started growing my afro, I had no clue how to take care of it, so it sucked, but now I know and it looks AWESOMEEEE
by Margie Yarblockos October 07, 2007
The manliest hairstyle in the world. Big, puffy and good to hide things in. Should never be worn by white guys.
Man, look at that guy's afro.
by Gyanzak April 17, 2009
Also called a fro is a hair style worn by African-Americans, old ladies and sometimes white dudes attempt to grow an Afro but instead it turns out to be more of a jewfro. This hair style was popular in the 70's & 80's worn by celebrities such as Michael Jackson and the other members of the Jackson 5 (Tito, Marlen, Jackie & Jermone). It is still popular worn by some modern celebrities like Redfoo and Avery Martinez II (but he recently cut his hair) who is admin of 'Guy with An Afro' page which makes him Facebook famous. An Afro is curly and round all around. An Afro pick or tooth pick comb is used to comb the curly hair into an Afro or used to stick in the Afro. A lot of stuff can be stuck and hidden in an Afro. Like pencils and condoms. The ladies love the fros so dude's with the fros sometimes stick condoms in their hair just in case they get lucky.
Dude, check out that guy's Afro, he looks like one of those guys from the 80's movies.

Look at that fly mofo with the kick-ass Afro.

Grannies shouldn't ask hairdressers for an Afro hairstyle...that's like old dudes (who still have hair) asking hairdressers to braid their hair like Snoop Dogg.
by Afro-Motherfucking-M-A-N September 24, 2013
a big hair that makes people say "oh!" it is also people who use as wigs in the 80's.
Wow! you have a big AFRO! nice.
by Magic Afro July 30, 2015
Great hairstyle, looks great when curly
I know a hot mexican guy with an afro!!!! It looks best on him.
by E Angelisa December 27, 2006
Hair That should not be attempted by those that do not have it naturally. Tight curls that are woven together. Hell to get a brush through. Most commonly found on Afro-carribean, black/white-carribean(bi-racial/mixed race), Americans (the whites are not the true Americans) and Africans. The celebrity Perri Kiely from diversity is the most recognised member because of this. Perri Kiely is mine btw he is soo hot😍.
Hey dude look at that hair!
I wanna put a pencil in it...
Don't you won't get it back!

Hey look at that chick with the Afro.
Whoa she shouldn't think that looks good in her.
She is a ghost!
by Its.Jordyn.x February 21, 2015
a large, poofy hairstyle that looks good on african americans. it can easily hide large object from viewwhen worn by white it usually looks gay. when cut too short it can become deflated from time to time and will look really gay
Hey, Tian's afro looks awesome.

Look at that white kid keith with his afro...doesnt he look gay
by a large muffin November 07, 2006
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