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A black "person." In other words, a filthy, big-lipped beast that robs old people and rapes kids.
"That African American keeps crapping in the alley behind my store!"
by lacky090909 April 30, 2010
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A politically correct term for Americans of African descent. Usually refers only to people of sub-Saharan (black) ancestry, not to people of North African ancestry, who are usually considered Arabs. White Americans who were born in Africa, or descended from Europeans in Africa, as in the case of South Africa or Zimbabwe, are not referred to as "African Americans." Most black Americans in casual conversation use the term "black," instead of "African American." Yet liberal whites, and those afraid of offending blacks, will use the term "African American," often out of white guilt for discrimination. White people who feel comfortable with their whiteness, and who don't feel responsible for slavery because they weren't alive before the Civil War, usually hate the phrase "African American." On the other hand, many black Americans, who don't believe that black people can be racist, often call whites a variety of mean names. I suggest new terms for all American groups, such as: Celtic-American, Slavic-American, Anglo-Saxon-American, Nordic-American, Latin-American (as in French, Italian, etc.), Hispano-American (for Spanish-speaking countries), indigenous aboriginal American, Hebrew Semitic-American, Arab Semitic-American, mixed European Caucasian American, Asiatic-American, Indo-Hindustani American, etc.
I enjoy dining on traditional African American cuisine, including greens and sweet potato pie. My white Southern grandmother cooked the same food, but I feel racist when I eat it. If I call Southern cooking African American cuisine, it relieves my shame over being white.
by slickbillie August 16, 2009
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an African American is a light skinned brother who is tired of being called a Mexican and is angry at the world. there is no mistaking the two when you see a black man you call him black if you see a sorta black man you call him African American.

True African Americans have very unusual names which are often the result of the Favorite food and or the first thing the mother sees while she is giving birth. EX:(Velveeta, Dasanni, and sanders.) while a Black man is given a traditional name like EX:( Tom *click* *click* jones) there is also a chart to determine the corecct term for a NIGGER yes i said NIGGER get over it crackers we were all thinking it.

this chart will help you identify your black friend the higher the number the less black you are. each of which result in a deferent term of communication for the black man.

1.The only thing seperating you from midnight is 11:59.(NIGGA)

2.your dad has slept more white women since you were born than you can count on both hands and feet.(HOMIE)

3.if the lights go off really quick you turn invisible for a few seconds.(BLACK)

4. you like fried chicken BUT you also like mayonnaise on it.(AFRICAN AMERICAN)

5.black kid with an afro.(AFRO-KIN)

6. you would rather watch a sport than play it.(BROTHA)

7. you like Eminem nuff said (HO-HO)

8. you have mostly white friends. (WATERMELON)

person 1:Damn that African American is a fucking class 3 NIGGA
person 2:Shit you right
by HoWTotELLyouBlACkManfroManothR December 23, 2009
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a name that white people call black people even though most of them have never been to africa ever in their intire lifes and dont plan on going some people think we should change the term to compton americans or jersey american or atl. americans
yo fool that african american dude.... i cant think of an example
by y doc November 20, 2006
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Slang for a nigger or niggers.
When I was a little kid growing up in the deep South, everyone called black people niggers. When my family and I went up to Boston to visit my relatives, they called them African American. So I asked them why they called them African American. They said because it's polite. So I said, how is nigger not polite?
by david smith, jr. May 23, 2008
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