what white people call black people for fear of being racist.
news reporter: "the robery suspect is an african americans who is considered armed and jobless."
by Joshy D November 11, 2007
Brown,Tan,Black,Basically a dark skinned person.People who are from Africa that were sent over the world hundreds of years ago.The were used as slaves and we not treated well.
-Put a chech mark in the race that you are-
-puts a chech mark in African American-
by TheTruthIsMe February 01, 2011
1) A politically correct term coined by cowardly white Americans who are afraid of offending blacks and are ashamed of being white.

2) A term that makes no sense, since 'African-American' implies that someone was born in Africa and immigrated to America. Therefore, since most blacks in America were born there, they would more correctly be called 'Blacks with African Ancestry'. Having been born in America, these blacks are simply 'Americans'.

3) A term which implies that all black people come from Africa (and that only black people come from Africa), even though black people come from many other parts of the world.

4) A term which singles out black people living in America from black people living elsewhere.

5) A term that even most black people find ridiculous.
1) White man 1: Look at that cool shirt that black guy is wearing.

White man 2: SHHHHH! He's not black! He's African-American! Don't be racist!

White man 1: Huh? How is that racist?

2) Most blacks referred to as 'African-Americans' have never been to, and will never be in Africa.

3) Would a person from Egypt be called African-American? Egypt is in Africa. How about a white person from South Africa?

4) Black people from France, Canada, England, Jamaica, Switzerland, Brazil, or even from Africa are 'black', but a black man from America is an 'African-American'.

5) The only black people I have ever heard referring to other blacks as 'African-Americans' were politicians, and even those are few and far between.
by macdas March 27, 2007
9 times out of 10, the "politically correct" way of referring to a Black person, even one who has never set foot outside of the US, and was born here. A completely misleading term for a couple of reasons:

1) the phrase implies you were born in Africa and then moved to the US. While that's the case for some, such as model Alek Wek, someone such as Chris Rock or myself, born in the US, is BLACK.

2) despite the stereotype, there ARE white people originally from Africa who move to the US, i.e. actress Charlize Theron. Although the phrase was coined primarily for Blacks, techically, Theron IS an African-American, or at least, more African-American than I am, in the literal sense of the word.

The word is a roundabout way of calling someone Black because "Black" is considered offensive, even though the late James Brown said to "Say it loud...I'm Black and I'm proud." Even when someone says the term, you can tell they're trying their best to tiptoe around being offensive.
1. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama could be considered African-American, as his father is from Kenya. Jesse Jackson, on the other hand, is Black.

2. "Did you know that, in 2002, Denzel Washington and Halle Berry became the first African-Americans to win Best Actor and Actress Oscars in the same year?"
---"No, but I know they became the first BLACKS to win that award. Charlize Theron is the first African-American to win a Best Actress Oscar."
by The Producer September 25, 2007
What people say when they dont want to say Black person. A dumb term, referring to a black person. I have no idea why we are called that. I mean...Im not African! I was born in New York, I have never been to Africa in my life! Why am I called African-American? They dont have a name like that for white people. But then again no body really knows where white ancestors came from...where do they come from? Did every white person always live in the US???
An African-American is a "person of color". Who's ancestors are probably from Africa. But just because they are called that does NOT make them African!
by muzichick May 05, 2006
A rather inaccurate term, used to describe a black American. On paper, it seems fairly sensible as British- Asian would be used as an ethnic description of Olympic boxer Amir Khan, as he is British but has parents from Asia (Pakistan).

However, I don't need to tell anyone with half a brain there have been black people in the USA for hundreds of years who have about as much connection to Africa as I do to Bill Clinton just because I'm white.

Think: could you see 50 Cent playing Senegalese folk music, phoning a witch doctor or conducting a "rain dance" with his (mostly black, I presume) G-Unit rapper mates? Nah!!

No, so shut the hell up, Mr Politically Correct - you're playing into the racists' hands by using this definition! (See go back to Africa.)

Another result of the political correctness, which seems to have made about as useful a contribution to Western society as AIDS.

"Sorry, you can't say black, how about African-American?" - True statement made by a cop to a teenage friend of mine reporting a crime in the USA.
by SQUID May 08, 2005
Another retarded Americanism which only displays the ignorance of the American mindset...

I'm a white person living in Africa. I guess I can call myself a American-African?

Dave: Hey my African American friend! :D
Billy: Shut up, I have never been to Africa in my life.
by Sanoz0r November 17, 2006
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