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a common misconception of the words "Abercrombie & Fitch model" when you or your phone partner has a shitty phone service *cough* AT&T *cough cough*. usually the same reason to blame disconnects in MMO games.
Brian: hey dev, did u see that new Abercrombie & Fitch models application in the mail for u?
Devan: HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA what the fuck?!?!?
Brian: uhmmm, what's so funny. u know u applied right?
Devan: wait, did u just say African fish market?
Brian: *enunciating* ABERCROMBIE & FITCH MODEL
Devan: oh, well.... FUCKING AT&T?!?!?
Brian: o son of a bitch i know right, i was playing WoW tonight and we were raiding KZ when i got effin' DC'd mid-aran gawd...
Devan: ... y do i even bother *click*
Brian: hullo? ... hullo?... *wrist*
by out like a sukkah' October 26, 2008
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