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This is a stick that for many years has provided oral hygiene for not only africans, but the Middle East, and Asia. Due to the antimicrobial agents in these sticks, pathogens are killed and disease is prevented. These Chewing sticks, are pencil-sized and made from the root or stem of local trees and shrubs. They are chewed on the end until they become frayed into a brush. People then clean their teeth with these frayed sticks - simultaneously removing plaque and massaging their gums.
African 1 in best accent : how will i brush my teeth today?

African2 in best accent : How about using an African chewing stick!!
#disease #afro #hott #plaque #black
by mz5star January 20, 2010
this is something that NO ONE knows the answer to.
and neither do i.

Some people believe it is a drug from Africa...maybe
Kid 1:"Hey man, whats an African Chewing Stick?"
Kid 2:" I have no idea"
#african-chewing-stick #african chewing stick #who knows? #weird #foriegn
by THEORANGESHEEP October 19, 2009
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