Political correctness in the form of institutionalized racism the liberals and socialists created to punish whites for the injustices blacks suffered during slavery, by giving unfair advantages to minorities in the name of “equality” “diversity”or “leveling the playing field.” An unconstitutional form of reverse discrimination that sets racial quotas, and labels a person’s credentials by race rather than merit. This should be an insult to black people, but it’s not because they want the unfair advantage to get a head. They don’t realize that affirmative action cheapens their achievements and assumes that no minority can get ahead on their own. The irony about affirmative action is that it uses reverse discrimination to compensate past discrimination. Let’s be honest, affirmative action originally had good intent by lawmakers, but has become grossly abused in America today like everything else. Colleges now use it, employers use it, banks use it, professional sports leagues use it to draft players, and even insurance companies use it. Heck, one of these days the hospital ERs will use it to admit patients. Because of AA, you can almost be rest assured that if/when you see a black, Hispanic or Asian person on a college campus it was probably a direct result of affirmative action.
Affirmative action is the epitome of political correctness gone ammock, but is a clever attempt for socialists and liberals to change the face of middle-class society.
by krock1dk April 28, 2008
Affirmative Action started out as a good idea to help minorities get into the education system and the work force after desegregation.

But as the years went on and racial equality became less and less taboo and more socially acceptable, people began to see affirmative action for what it really was: A get in free card for non-whites. In fact, the darker you are, the better chance you have at getting a job.

Affirmative Action automatically assumes that all employers are racist, and that without it, they would only hire same-races. Since that has changed nowadays, Affirmative Action is no longer needed. We can survive just fine without it. If any employer is called out on discriminatory hiring practices, they will get in trouble.
If anything, Affirmative Action is more racist than it is helpful. "This man is black, and therefore uneducated! Let's give him a free job, because all black people are unable to make it on their own!"
by Very Metal June 08, 2007
Racism integrated into education and employment.

A program where universities and employers give minorities positions over white people regardless of skill level, experience or education.

Remains in effect because those minorities (along with mindless white liberals) will label anyone who speaks out against it a racist, and nobody wants their reputation destroyed.
In order to fix Racism, we need to give people jobs because of the color of their skin! Time for some Affirmative Action! - The Left
by The Middle Road August 10, 2009
In America, Affirmative Action was a product of the Great Society policies of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. It was first codified into law under a series of Executive Orders (not approved by Congress, in other words), which stated that munitions manufacturers including private firms doing business with the federal government should "take affirmative action" in hiring minorities - at the time defined almost solely as African Americans.

As the Vietnam War dragged on under President Richard Milhous Nixon, Affirmative Action became part of a wider government program to bribe inner city blacks to get with the program and support their government. Of course, Affirmative Action, welfare (started under FDR in the 1930s) and other government handouts did nothing to increase the love that black people had for the federal government.

By 1978 liberal activism was under attack. President Jimmy Carter had expanded Johnson's liberal social programs to their ultimate extreme, and white, middle class Americans began to look toward the Republican Party and their rising star, Ronald Reagan, for new political direction. That same year, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against quotas for the first time in the landmark California Board of Regents vs. Allan Bakke decision. However, Affirmative Action was far from dead and buried.

Today Affirmative Action remains rooted in American policy, although most Americans including many African-Americans find Affirmative Action outmoded for the much less racist atmosphere of the 21st Century.

Inexplicably Affirmative Action still exists, even after the election of Barack Obama.
Affirmative Action put that white guy with a college degree in the unemployment line, while that black guy who can't even write his own name got the promotion.

Asians and Jews are also targets of racism, but they get none of the benefits of Affirmative Action. It's punishment for their success, I assume.

Jesse "Affirmative Action" Jackson got Nike to loan him $600 million dollars after threatening a boycott. What an extortionist piece of shit he is.
by The Truth Detector November 06, 2008
Very controversial topic in the U.S.

There are many sides to this policy.

First of all people only show anger towards blacks for this, but it also gives large unfair advantages towards women in male dominated fields such as engineering etc.

AA should only be legal for socioeconomic reasons, because poorer people really have more of a disadvantage in life and college admissions.

Honestly unless it has to do with economic status, it is total bullshit because men get no sort of leeway into making it into English majors, but women get a huge advantage going into the physical sciences.

White people bitch the most about AA (with good reason), but nowdays Asians take the hit more than any other race.

If you are an Asian/Indian male... you are screwed, only the best will survive.

This bullshit ruins good schools, but they still get higher rankings because rankings factor in AA when ranking.

This is why AA ruined MIT is higher up than Godlike Caltech (which does no AA).

Fuck AA if it doesn't have to do with econmic status and don't bother bitchin about it if you are not Asian or Indian male (like me)

Oh Asian women take a little bit of the hit aswell and some rich white nerds.

Black people get a huge boost into Stanford, but thats it
Me: yo bitch, I got rejected from MIT with a 1560/1600 SAT

Ugly ho: I got in with a 1230 because I wrote an essay bitchin about how hard it is to be a girl in the physical sciences

Me: Thats Affirmative Action bitch (then kills ho)

The end
by azzajack January 18, 2010
The hiring of gooks, spooks, chinks, spicks, and jiggaboos for performing jobs completely doable by upstanding crackers.
CEO: Hey, we've got this affirmative action thing: let's go wrangle up some spooks.

Right Hand Man: We should probably get some gooks for finance, because they are smart and good with numbers and shit.
by NotReallyaRacist October 14, 2009
affirmative action IS BULLSHIT!!!

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