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The official greeting of the moon people, as defined by players of NASA's free online game Moonbase Alpha.

Commonly used a a greeting, proclamation of joy, or exclamation.

Pronounced "aye-yoo".
Astronaut 1: "aeiou?"
Astronaut 2: "AEIOU"
by OldManJenkins9 November 20, 2011
(pron. AY-oo)

1. The standard set of vowels in the Latin alphabet.

2. An uncommon way of saying "Hey, you"
1. The vowels in the alphabet are A, E, I ,O, U and sometimes Y.


GreenX: hey tober
Tober34: aeiou
by Sudomoodo June 05, 2011
Noun; AYE-yoo; The feeling of physical curiousity which prompts at a first encounter - a precursor to an infatuation.
I had a sense of aeiou when first saw her strange yet alluring molehair.
by Kevin Chau, aka CptnQuiefus January 28, 2004
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