some crap that people give you that they think will help you, but doesn't really. It really pisses you off, but you just not and go along with it, hoping they'll go away.
I was given the advice once that you should never eat a dirty girl or you'll get a tongue disease.
by animedude May 01, 2004
Top Definition
Help with something. Often confused with the word "attention" on teen forums like TeenSpot.
Proper use of the word "advice":
"I need advice on asking her out, can you help me?" by SomeAwesomeDude (600 posts)

Improper use of the word "advice":
"im bi....i need advice" by XxXhottxbixbabeXxX (1 post)
by spel itt rite October 04, 2006
Sucking dick, giving head.
Yeah bro she gave me some great "advice" last night.

Hey I really need some "advice" right about now.
by LimeInfinity September 09, 2010
Somthing you shouldn't come here for
Go to your elders for advice, not here
by Communist Teddybears June 16, 2016
1- Shitty advice over the internet.

2- Other name for information, that you could've easily found on Google, but instead you had to post a question in a forum, to raise your post count, and with it, the size of your penis.

3- What people give to others, that don't know the meaning of "Google" or "search".

4- Shit.
1/2/3- Question: Could some one help me with this? How can I disable the thumbnails in Vista.

Reply: LOLZ! YOU WAT!/ TITS or GTFO/ Stop talking shit about my mom!/ I've slept with her, lol!/ etc...
(between other numerous replies, that only add to the repliers post count or shitty reputation, and don't actually give an answer to the question)

4- Stop taking advices!!!
by TropX October 11, 2009
another term for smoking weed
"Dude, got any advice for me?" "Hey let's go outside and advise"
by justaddinmy2cents October 10, 2005
Ad-vi-ces ( old Latin word)
Mostly used as to counsel someone; or warn someone
( The people were given advices on how to swim)
The Children were given good advices on how to play.
Do you have any advices for me?
by User Not Known December 16, 2015
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