the act of falling asleep while giving someone a hand job


another way of referring to sexual intercourse
"Yesterday after lunch I took an adult nap with my girlfriend and made it halfway to 3rd base."


"Honey, let's go take an adult nap before I pick the kids up from school."
by Lazy Meat March 17, 2010
Top Definition
Similar to kidnap, it is the abduction of adults.
"I totally adultnapped my boss the other day, trying to get him to raise my wages."
by boltfyre March 17, 2008
The delicious pleasure and contentment derived from two adults fucking happily like rabbits, then drifting off to sleep, then waking when one of them is fondling the other mischievously and sex recommences.
Vix and I meant to go to the movies on Saturday, but we got lost in our adult nap. I guess we'll wait for Netflix.
by Trollcave August 21, 2013
When you go home and pass out after drinking all day so you can go out and drink all night.
"Are you going out tonight?"
"Yeah, but I'm pretty drunk from day drinking so I'm going to take an adult nap first."
by Fujifilm21 June 28, 2012

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