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A phrase used by American politicians to imply their opponent is acting like a child by supporting or opposing a certain position.

The irony of the phrase is that most children have an easier time compromising on divisive issues.
John Boehner: It is time we have an adult conversation about entitlement reform. Democrats need understand the reality of our fiscal situation.

President Obama: Well it's time that WE have an adult conversation about the budget.

Donald Trump: That's fine, but it is time we have an adult conversation about Obama's place of birth.
by RedBeard53 May 12, 2011
Sometimes this may describe F**king orally and Most of the time involves seduction.
Hot Girl: Hey big boy, wanna play?
Guy: uuuhhh,,uhhhhh
*girl touvhes guy's ****
Guy: OOOO!! OKAY!!!

Stalker: Man, This Adult conversation turns me on.
by darkzr April 30, 2009

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