a feisty girl, with green eyes, long brown hair, Irish and proud, loves to sing and have fun,you love having her around,has a unique laugh and personality and can always make everyone laugh every time she laughs bright vibrant never mad or sad for to long wares her heart on her sleeve her favorite color is lime green always wants to have fun and is a independent free spirit also very loving and compassionate with a LARGE ASS

also very sexy
Kevin: who's that sexy chick

Brad: oooo that hottie wit body is mmmm..... Adrianna
by celtic love June 29, 2011
adrianna is the perfect girl... EVER!!!
she is beautiful and overall perfect...

she likes cherrys with the seed
her favorite color is green
she was born on a thursday

and she loves a guy named oscar
adrianna is soo amazing
by oscar a December 20, 2009
the most basic of bitches. she has an original laugh, has a thirst for dick that can not be quenched, and wears grandma socks.
sara: ohmygod, her socks are weird!

emily: must be an adrianna
by larrystylinsonftw March 15, 2013
Total slut, is obsessed with a fish called flounder, smells really bad... oh and is a slut.
Sam:Look at that slut over there

Samuel: I know might be an Adrianna?

Sam: Yea thats a Adrianna fo suuure.
by notsambebbs October 11, 2013

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