A beautiful smart girl. Long brown hair. Absolutely beautiful brown eyes. Loves her friends. Sporty cool chick who is always nice. Loves to smile and make people happy. Can always turn that frown upside down!!
Adriana is a wonderful friend. Never lose her! :)
by Thatcoolchicka October 16, 2013
Adriana, nerdy, gorgeous and an amazing friend. She always knows the right thing to say at the right moment to put a smile on your face. She loves to be right and shes can deffinitly be a huge pain in the ass at times(: but no matter what she does you will always love her.she loves to just wear nothing. heck she would go to school naked if they would let her! she always has guys wanting to be with her! Adriana has an amazing body she is tall and has brown hair and dark brown eyes. LOVES to confuse people ecpecially her closest friends. shes super loving and caring. she is an amazing singer and will sing anytime and anywhere.(:
3rd block friday Only adriana would bust out singing titanium(:
by haildriana101 January 26, 2013
sassiest person you'll ever meet
Student: how do you say sassy in Spanish
Teacher: Adriana
by azae November 29, 2013
The most beautiful and wonderful girl you will ever meet in your life. You will easily become friends with her but hope to be more than just friends. She has a gorgeous body, but she will think she doesn't. Her personality is even more beautiful that her looks as she will keep you happy for days.
You don't deserve Adriana.

Adriana doesn't know how attractive she really is.
by BrightFlame199 July 31, 2013
The most beautiful, pretteiest,cutest girl i have ever seen she is the most nucest person and wont let you down. She has the most prettiest brown hair and when i look into her eyes its a new world .
Adriana is a nice person
by jeff2017 December 19, 2014
An amazing girlfriend and love is all she knows. She always has a smile on her face and always ready to make new friends. Her optimistic and crazy ways are what her friends like about her. Even when she is sad she tries her best to think of positives. But don't get on her bad side,she doesn't care how big the challenge but will take you down. All together she a tough,kind,pretty,and a well rounded person.
Adriana is really pretty.

Adriana is super strong.
by Lucky charms January 10, 2015
A beautiful girl with long brown hair with emerald green eyes. Short temperd but is very caring and loving. She is really funny and can keep a conversation going. Very artistic when she wants to be and has a passionate love for music.
"How do you say beautiful in Spanish ?"

by Lovesickluke February 13, 2015
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