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Adrenaline zone (noun): of or pertaining to the home of one, Arndt Lujents.

syn: AZ
"dooode, lets go to AZ Arndt's orderin pizza and pwning everyone at CS"
by Run December 15, 2003
A gaming mecca for all those who hang out at Harvard Square to come and play computer games over a lan. commonly reffered to as AZ by the regualars
"Hey Randall, wanna go down to the adrenaline zone after school? I heard Arndt and Lee are gonna be there..."

"sure Noah."
by Randall October 16, 2003
the anti crist, a place where bitter old chinese men can steal the money of unsuspecting jewish youth
"alex, dont spend all your money at AZ"
by the liberator October 26, 2003