can be interpreted two ways. Either a synonym for cute, or good looking. Or a way you would describe a fat newborn baby.
girl: aww your adorable
boy:your prettyy
girl: awkss, i meant like a fat baby
boy: oooh. your adorable too then
girl: ....
boy: love you toooo
by baaabbeeee November 03, 2010
A person or animal that looks (and acts) very sweet, kind and cute. The image of adorable on a person is big blue or brown eyes and any length brown hair. Blonde hair is slutty or hot(yes there is a difference)ginger is gothic or nerdy and black hair is gothic or mysterious..

(all these are meant for girls)

I love big blue eyes on a girl its so adorable :D
"When I look into her adorable blue, puppy dog eyes I feel like i've melted inside"

She looked up at him with her adorable blue eyes and he immediantly felt guilty for nothing.

The two best friends looked almost exactly alike! Big adorable eyes and soft brown hair.
by A guy who loves music :) January 12, 2010
Sometimes used to describe a girl that you just want to cuddle or admire, but not actually want to go into a deep relationship or have sex with them
"that girl is so adorable, I could stare at her forever"
by Symba January 10, 2009
A term used by girls and women -- rarely a man's word -- which is used to describe a small juvenile pet or a boyishly charming guy with neotenic facial features and big hair.
"Aww...that white furred one with the wet pink nose is so adorable. I want that one!"

"Peter is so adorable with his big eyes and dimples."
by Bob Marrow April 02, 2008
Nive. Nothing else. Just Nive. That's It. Period. Not question mark, period. SOOPER PERIOD!
Adorable: Peas and carrots????
by Mikeykelso! June 18, 2009
esther ramirez
esther ramirez is adorable
by lick my b***s August 11, 2008

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