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the worst years of your life when your enimies are your friends your friends are your family and your family is you enimie. when girls freak out because they think having a pimple is acne and spend 50 grand on products to cover it up. when guys try to get in a girls pants before they even kissed the girl. just to be cool around their friends. when everything is a mess. homework piles to your head and you go on msn/aol/yahoo for atlease half of your day. when coke is not just a drink. skirts are pulled up to baerly cover the ass and pants are pulled down to show half your boxer. if your caught with your parents your social life is over. when people try to buy the most expensive things they can lay their hands on jsut to fit in. friends are backstabers and you life is just a living hell. so you make you life seem so perfect by partying every weekend and getting high.
prep1: EEEK!! I just got a pimple! omg omg omg now the quarterback is never gunna love mee!!!
prep2: //secretly thinks heheh yes now is my chance to go out with him// omg omg looks like we have to go shopping!!! i know this totally great stuff trust me it works

emo1: fuk look at the fukin preps i hope they all suffercate from the make up they use
emo2: my life is so horrible they know nothing.

trust me your adolescent years are the worst years of your life all the drama and stuff not cool.
by --lynn-- March 19, 2007
a cool teen who goes through puberty, thinking that everyones against them, most likely because adults are so stereotyped. this is the Age of the Sex Life, when you have all the restrictions against you and many others your age rebel by doing drugs and stuff.
most adolescents can't spell adolescent worth $h!t
by sir mustard the great February 22, 2005
A teen aged 12-17 or young adult aged 18-23. When a Teen goes thuogh puberty.
I am an adolescent at age 14.
by Danielle October 12, 2004
a kid that is inbetween the ages of 13 and 18
your an adolescent to be smoking weed nukka
by bLaZeD September 28, 2003
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