A rebel name for a rebel person.People with this name have heaps of swag.
"Oh my god,Adin has heaps of swag"
by Swagrebeldog April 03, 2012
An Awesome, Rubik's cube solving dude!
Highly regarded by the Russ, Both are possibly the luckiest guys on earth to be paired with the beautiful Soph and Louise.

Quite often you'll find an Adin asking "Where's the malteser"

Often the chase for the malteser end with a special *Grin*
Person 1: "where's the malteser???!!!!"
Person 2: "If you lost a malteser then you've had an Adin!"

Anytime a malteser goes missing, Adin's stolen it!
by Tolbiac February 05, 2010
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