a luser that wants to be like cory
Adil: I want to tbe like that fag cory.
Cory: Bitch plz.
by cory pwns adil April 26, 2005
Top Definition
A man of his word, a unique person, teh biggest don in his kind and the baddest man alive
In the same league as Tony Montana
by Adil January 20, 2005
Means the mafia boss/king
hey the adil is here!!! hahahaha
by baaaaaaaa November 15, 2003
A man who is somewhat short and smart that gets laid often and is a stud. When a person has such suave techniques to pick up chicks and be a master at whatever he may be doing such as picking up chicks, hunting or fishing.
Girl: Damn! Who is that good looking man?

Guy: Bitch, thats Adil, you should go give him head!
by Nozair April 10, 2008
A boy/man who you can easily trust and get along with. He puts his family and friends before him and he knows how to have a good time. His grin is very wide and when he laughs he Can't help himself from sniggering. His eyes are mind blowing and you're lucky if you have an Adil as a boyfriend. The one he loves he will love for a long time.
Girl1:dam he is so sexy what's he called
Girl2: Adil , but bitch back off he's mine
by Keep-smiling its all good:) May 06, 2013
a person who lives across da street from me tht looks like harry potter XD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Potter........no its me ADIL!!!!!!!!!! (ohhhhh) :(
by bdhd February 19, 2011
Adil is a very rare monkey living deep in the forests og Pakistan. Adil is a hostile monkey so if u get close you should be aware, but if you are more then 1 meter away you can just run, because his legs are twisted arround so he can´t walk proparly. So it won´t be hard to run away from him. Just so u know... he only eats small little boys, some peaople also says that he dosen´t only eat the boys... he also does something sexual with them.
Don´t let your little boys run in the forest, they might get fucked by the Adil!
by Pakkis Man December 06, 2006
A white boy, who thinks hes brown, he likes to fart, and he like to drop the soap.
yo man stop being an adil, geez
by - March 24, 2005
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