Verb. To ask someone to fill an undesireable breach for a small period of time but leave them stuck firmly in that breach with no chance of escape for a much longer period.
He said I'd only have to do this for an hour until Big Mo turned up but I've been here all day - I've been completely adened!

I'll look after it for the next five minutes but that's it, don't pull an aden on me!
by whskyngngr October 08, 2010
Top Definition
aden guy who is a god.
normally used to describe someone of great importance and is adored by all.
Is great in the sack. and no guy will ever size up to him.
girl1: did you see that hot guy.
girl2: yeah he's such and aden.
girl3:he pleased me like no other.
by secretlad September 16, 2008
A great guy that everybody loves and has girls chasing after him. He gets As in all classes and is very humble. Adens also usually own a Lamborghini. He is basically the RL Chuck Norris.
by BobbyFlint April 10, 2013
the most perfect person you will ever meet. incredibly sweet and thoughtful and kind, and extremely humble, even though he's a god and everyone tells him that he is. he is hardworking and he deserves the best in everything he does. very handsome and tall, and gives nice hugs. any girl would want to marry him but you can't help but be happy for him and his girlfriend even if you're not her.
person 1: omg aden is so perfect
person 2: i know right, i just want to marry him
by i love you aden April 14, 2014
he is a whore
he's like a slag
doesn't respect girls
jumps from one girl to another
utterly destroys the girl he goes back to

he sleeps around

in a group chat that sends peoples nudes around
aden is a womanizer
by julieb574 June 20, 2016
A girl with a mustache line and poop brown hair she is really long and likes tramps
she's an Aden 😯
by Crankthatlaini April 29, 2015
He is a sweet boy that respects all of those around him. He has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle when he smiles and make you blush. He has a great sense of humour and can talk to you about anything. He is funny in many ways that he doesn't even see and he makes you shiver when your around him because of his handsomeness. He is with you through everything and he never leaves your side. He sticks with you through the hard times and is very faithful and never gives up his great and sweet devotion for you. His hugs are warm and make you feel alive inside. And his sweet words echo through your mind as you dream of him at night.
I feel sooo much better now that Aden's given me a hug
by HLMC July 13, 2016
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