a girll who is kind, and thoughtful who is a great listener... and someone who is drop dead gorgeous.. also has an obsestion withh dinosaurs...
Adelas best friends name starts with a "K"
by 644972kakjlm November 17, 2009
Top Definition
a girl who has a great heart and a wonderful mind and is amazingly hott
nicknamed: drug deela, eela adela, garamwali, poo, garam n mirchi
by asad January 19, 2005
line stealah!! watch out before she steals your lines!
Adela: "I'll eat your face!"
Dana: "That's my line..."
by marianwebster March 03, 2005
A llama enthusiest who has a loud voice and hugs people so hard she can break your ribs. Also very determined to find real life yellow ducks in the wild and will not give up on finding them. if you need a yellow duck, you need an adela in your life.To know if your friend is an adela check her head and if theres a unicorn horn buried in her hair she is definitly an adela.
Person 1: there seem to be no yellow ducks here
Person 2: seems like you need an adela in your life
by BananaPeels April 10, 2015
Noble, unique, one of a kind. There's something about her that'll keep that spark alive in you. Deep thinker with lots of love. Goes far beyond the crowd. She's an Alpha indeed.
"Adela's weird"
" that's why I like her, she's not a follower"
by Cookiesncreama March 04, 2016
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