a unique and rare nigerian name of yoruba origin. literarily means crown turns into honey or otherwise known as crown of honey. as all other names that start with "-Ade" it is likely that the person is from a royal family or has ties to the royal family. most people are nicknamed "Doyin". There are other forms of this name such as; Doyinsola or Oladoyin or Doyinlola
Adedoyin is a very beautiful girl
I have heard that Adedoyin's great grandfather is the king of lagos
that Adedoyin babe, na wa oh. As in, she's too fine. she dey make me kolo.
by dadeezlilprincess December 05, 2010
Top Definition
1.Sweet, caring, relaible, honest, handsome, funny guy
2.Often said to have the same arse as Beyonce
5.Destined to be famous
6.Has a lot of haterz
adedoyin is the most caring person in the world
by Marron May 07, 2005
Unisex yoruba name. Meaning: A crown that has turned into honey
Talk to my attorney about your situation, her name is Adedoyin.
by MizzX March 09, 2005
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