a word used as an excuse for doing something you know you should not be doing.
sex addiction used to be called " being a slut "
by pablo mcfee April 01, 2010
Something people claim is unhealthy when not applied to them. In reality, it is very healthy and even good for the soul.
"You really should quit eating those! You clearly have an addiction"
-"Oh, like you're one to talk."
by Cyn-i-cal July 16, 2008
A complete fallacy.

A word created by weak willed people for weak willed people to use as a way of avoiding responsibility for the things they do that they're not proud of, but continue to do regardless of the damage it causes.

Most likely created by psychiatrists who wanted a word they could use as a scapegoat, to hide their own shortcomings.
One of my pals, whom I've known since school, didn't have the balls to say, "No!" to my other idiot friends when they offered him drugs for the first time and even though his teeth are now brown/falling out, his breath stinks and he has no real friends anymore, he will continue doing drugs and when people ask why he's such a dumbass, he'll just say, "It's not my fault, I'm an addict!" and people will accept that at face value because they have been taught/fed that "Addiction" is a real phenomenon and they cannot tell the difference between a chemical dependency, habitual obsession or self-medicating.
by Arcca-Daton May 04, 2010
A lie that tons of people believe. Addiction is just something people use to escape the fact that they are weak and that they just don't WANT to take control over themselves.
Guy1:Oh my God, I'm so in love with my games. It's obvious that I am addicted.
Guy2: Shut up you pussy, get some self control or I'm kicking you in the nuts and I'll be "addicted" with that cause it's so fun. You're using addiction just so you can go "Oh, I have no control, so I'm just gonna keep doing it, lalala."
by Ryan Garceau September 21, 2007

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