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A disease of the mind characterized by compulsive repetitive behavior without regard for the consequences to ones life. There's more information about addiction and addiction treatment here: www.wmrehab.com
Your addiction is ruining your life.
by kwarad December 23, 2010
The thing we all have towards the Net - you know, not being able to get your bum off the couch in front of the laptop?
"Addiction is harmful"
Thief *pointing his gun at the baby*: Quick, hand over the laptop!
Mother: Take my baby!! Please leave me and my laptop alone!
by Akanksha May 16, 2008
The internet.
by JackandBlood February 05, 2010
compulsive habit, usually destructive, hard to stop
Derek: It's not addiction, I can stop whenever I want

Clive: lol
by super cuckoo November 10, 2008
When you can quit doing something, as long as it's next Tuesday.
Tim: You need to stop, you have an addiction.
Nikki: I don't have and addiction, I can quit whenever I want.
Tim: How about now?
Nikki: How about next Tuesday.
by I am thee God Damn BATMAN March 24, 2011
ADDICTION TO SELF HARM: It's like, when you're upset.. the only way to release that stress.. is through blood, and splitting flesh.. I've promised myself to stop, but.. so much is happening at one time, it's nearly impossible, people say drugs, and alcohol are the most addicting things, cutting is one of the hardest things to let go of, nearly impossible in my case, and I hate when people act like it's nothing.. "oh, you cut yourself.. that's not that big of a deal!" it is a big deal, each cut slowly goes deeper and deeper, each cut, slowly get closer to veins, and its like.. a temptation, that just crawls through your skin.. the feeling, it's so relieving, once you start, you don't want to stop.. you just want to go deeper, to end it all, and you can't.. because you know that once you do, there is that one person.. that you KNOW will be crushed if you do.. cutting is no joke, cutting is no trend, its an addiction ..
ADDICTION. : addiction is not a joke, it's not just for drugs and alcohol, but also for harmful thoughts and actions towards ones self.
by ShawnaLeigh, August 12, 2012
50% of all addiction is caused by Nexon gaming
by IAMAWESOMEANDWEIRD October 16, 2011