ADDICTION TO SELF HARM: It's like, when you're upset.. the only way to release that stress.. is through blood, and splitting flesh.. I've promised myself to stop, but.. so much is happening at one time, it's nearly impossible, people say drugs, and alcohol are the most addicting things, cutting is one of the hardest things to let go of, nearly impossible in my case, and I hate when people act like it's nothing.. "oh, you cut yourself.. that's not that big of a deal!" it is a big deal, each cut slowly goes deeper and deeper, each cut, slowly get closer to veins, and its like.. a temptation, that just crawls through your skin.. the feeling, it's so relieving, once you start, you don't want to stop.. you just want to go deeper, to end it all, and you can't.. because you know that once you do, there is that one person.. that you KNOW will be crushed if you do.. cutting is no joke, cutting is no trend, its an addiction ..
ADDICTION. : addiction is not a joke, it's not just for drugs and alcohol, but also for harmful thoughts and actions towards ones self.
by ShawnaLeigh, August 12, 2012
Top Definition
a compulsive habit that people obtain through repitition.
Eric: Why can't people stop smoking. It isn't that hard. They should have some self control.

Mark: Eric, if its that easy then stop masterbating!!!

Eric: (silence)

Room: (laughing hysterically)
by C. Love July 20, 2004
If you do anything more times than a frat boy says the word bro a day.
Dude, you've been juggling 12 hours a day for the last month, admit it, you have an addiction.
by antsoeu July 10, 2008
Safely saying that you can quit something, as long as it is on next tuesday.
"Your addiction is tearing us apart, you should quit"

"Next week is better"
by asdfghjklpoiuytrewq December 07, 2007
to physically or mentally need something

people, drugs, video games, pokémon cards
by Kregg October 18, 2003
A habit that you can't quit.

some examples:
drugs,pokemon,yugioh,hookers,and nintendo
Boy: Mom, can you please stop smoking, it's a really bad addiction. It could hurt you or someone around you.

Mom: Ok. But only if you stop killing people when your asleep.

Boy: Ok mom. I'll try.
by Connor Smith August 10, 2007
A conscious (and unconscious) action characterized by repetition and obsession. It is possible to become addicted to basically anything, sometimes the tendency may be rewarding but often it is problematic and self-destructive; nevertheless, a feeling of satisfaction is achieved.
Addiction to: TV, coffee, exercise, internet, work, money, religion, carbon, drugs, power and so on.
by FLA53 June 14, 2010
A disease of the mind characterized by compulsive repetitive behavior without regard for the consequences to ones life. There's more information about addiction and addiction treatment here:
Your addiction is ruining your life.
by kwarad December 23, 2010
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