Asian Drinking Disorder (n.)

A.D.D. occurs when members of the asian descent drink too much alcohol (sometimes no more than a beer, occasionally even one sip) and become red in the face, experience shortness of breath and other allergic reactions. It turns out that certain individuals, common in Asians, have a defective aldehyde dehydrogenase gene, ALDH2, in that it doesn’t metabolize acetaldehyde as rapidly as normal. Thus, a person who drinks too much builds up acetaldehyde in their system and feels bad or is sick. This manifests in Asians with the defected ALDH gene as a facial flush as they drink.
Damn, that Kim Jong Ill looking muthaphuka has A.D.D. and lost it after one drink...

You should date those asian girls. They have A.D.D..Only one drink and they're on the floor!

Take Teng-Lee Ong home. He's got A.D.D.! One Zima and he's already passing out....
by Ed Green December 06, 2007
Another syndrome of the month that lets parents shirk the responsibility of nurturing children who disrupt school classes and attack other pupils and teachers alike with impunity. If a kid is suffering from ADD then surely the best place for him/her is at a special school or, better still, receiving home tuition from his/her model parents.
Chief Constable: We've found the bastard who burnt down your school.
Headmaster: Let him go. He's ADD and there's not a thing you or I can do about it.
Chief Constable: Enough said. Give the kid his matches back.
by Lolo Bolo February 24, 2008
A made up disease for your Fucked Up kids!!!!!
normal kid:"hey, i dont want to do any school work, I think I have ADD!!!"
by R0m4n February 15, 2008
An excuse used by parents for failing to discipline their kid and as a result creating an obnoxious, hyperactive, spoiled brat in severe need of a boot in the ass. Also a bullshit diagnosis given by child psychiatrists to prescribe pills for the kid because more than likely they're getting a kickback from the pharmaceuticals company.
Soccermom: My little Timmy has ADD.
DennisIsEvil: No he doesn't, he just needs a good boot in the ass.
by DennisIsEvil September 22, 2006
it is complete BULLSHIT
I don't pay attention in school, so I must have ADD. my parents gave me some pills to make me a zombie... YAY!
by Frankeeeee July 25, 2006
Attention Deficit Disorder, AKA let's dish out money on ritalin so our kids will pay better attention in school.
F. Mercury: "Dude, don't fuck with me, I have ADD."
Me: "Stfu faggot that's fake."
Some guy in the background listening to the conversation: "ROFL PWNED!"
by 36/m/AZ in wheelchair November 07, 2004
Short for Attention Deficit Disorder. Used an excuse for people who have trouble focusing on things that bore them like every other human being. Also an excuse parents use for why their kids suck.
"My kid isn't failing out of school because they are an idiot, they have ADD."
by whateverdude20 December 08, 2005
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