Any Dick will Do
that broad had a serious case of ADD
by Dodged a Bullet July 15, 2011
To be placed on someone's "myspace" friends list, this honor is usually followed up with a posting to said person's (or entity's) "friends comments" slot.
Hey, thanks for the add... Tom is no longer my only friend on myspace.
by digiliving March 12, 2007
A shaftian: When your best friend takes a shit in the glove compartment of your brand new car.
Add : Just look in your glove compartment.
by ShaFtiaN x - TysoN is Fat August 05, 2008
"Beer," when typed into a T9 text cell phone.
"Dude, when are we going out for adds?"
by roentgenbeer February 03, 2009
After Dinner Dookie.
Dang Tia I need to take an ADD.
by AmandaWHHTE October 19, 2008
The product of well thought out conspiracy where people of prestige have offered the opportunity for anyone to claim a disorder. Likely because coffee and energy drinks are not enough to start the day anymore. Many folks desire something other than reality; hence, rather than mastering their own minds, they stimulate them with amphetamines. Somehow the ADD sub-culture gains respect, while illegal drug users are just the same, cheating their lives.
Dude, doing drugs is so wrong; but guess what! I just snagged 50 pops of Concerta. I told my mom I was having trouble in school so she's droppin' 20% of her paycheck & talkin' to ADD docs to get me these pillzzz! Have fun at your job, I'm going to play my new xbox 360!
by Androgenius December 10, 2010
The most misdiagnosed disorder there is probably. It is so misdiagnosed that certain kids have to put up with the accusation of having it for a long time. While ADHD (hyperactive) has been diagnosed, acknowledged, and recognized in the brain of patients ADD is something that is seen as a lower form of that especially by the general public. The truth is there's no such thing. If you don't have ADHD then you don't have ADD. People come to quick conclusions to accuse kids of having it when they're really just lazy or so sheltered and protected that they'd rather have fun then work hard. Since it makes big $ companies don't care. The weirdest thing claimed about the disorder is that video games are made for people with ADD. How can some1 concentrate on the video game if they had ADD (if it existed)? The medicines used to treat ADHD or the supposed ADD are believed to stunt growth as well.
Sister: You're distracted easily. You're looking at the dog again. I think you have ADD.
Me: NO! I don't! I'm just lazy! OK! I admit it! Happy?! The dog is bothering me again. That's all. How could I spend hours playing and paying attention to a video game if I had ADD! How could I pay attention to a lecture or read a book? How can I still be talking to you and paying attention to what you say?!
Sister: Well you admit you have something right?
Me: Yeah... (whispers) maybe. But ADD doesn't exist. ADHD does but not ADD.
Sister: You're being overprotective. Maybe you just don't want to admit it.
Me: No I just get annoyed about being accused of having ADD all the time.
by 3d2y October 23, 2010
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