Stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.
A lot of people say they have it because they "sometimes have trouble paying attention in class" which is bullshit. That just means you have a boring teacher.
If you REALLY have ADD, then you can't pay attention to ANYTHING. If you try to read, do homework, watch TV, take a test, or listen to somebody, your focus will slide in and out CONSTANTLY. There is also ADHD in which you are also hyperactive.
Most kids will take medicine like Ritalin or Focalin to help them concentrate.

Kid with A.D.D.: You dumbass you don't actually have A.D.D.
by ADDboi!1 June 15, 2011
Attention Deficit Disorder is a REAL disorder that every douche bag and their mom likes to PRETEND they have. Either to score meds or to gain the sympathy of others, while the other half of the world likes to pretend it's all a big joke.

Well ADD is in fact a REAL medical disorder and makes doing simple, every-day things difficult to focus on. People who really DO have ADD are not joking when they say they find it difficult to focus on homework, classwork, etc etc. It's not funny and the medication for it really DOES help and they aren't trying to score narcotics
"It really sucks not being able to focus on the hobbies/things I like to do, I'd like to be able to pass Math but it's really hard for me to understand because everything I try to learn in class seems to just slip past me. Thank god for whoever the hell invented this medication that helps me slow down my train of thought and focus so I can do better! Too bad everyones going to think I'm faking it when I say I have ADD"
by Mighty Twig October 14, 2009
ADD is a disorder that only 10% of people are diagnosed with. The rest of the people just say they have it to be funny. If everyone has add then why is more then half the population bitchin about all the people that are diagnosed with it? by the way, did you know that it just so happens that when a kid with add takes ritalin it slows him down when on the other hand when a kid w/o add takes it they get hyper like they're on speed. But that must be a coincidence.
Kid w/o add trying to be funny and cool: Kids with add only have it becuase their parents can't their kid is retarded. im only saying this because it makes me feel like a bigger amn when i make fun of people. Im gonna go wack of to my mirror and wish that i had a life
by one of that 10% April 18, 2005
Short for "attention deficit disorder." An entrepreneur-friendly affliction, which is often the catalyst for producing disruptive or revolutionary ideas.
Many geeks suffering from ADD may not have an easy time in school, but they are being gobbled up by innovative companies, in spite of their odd or antisocial behaviors.
via giphy
by MathPlus July 17, 2016
Attention Deficit Disorder = 'Behavioral syndrome in children, whose major symptoms are inattention and distractibility, restlessness, inability to sit still, and difficulty concentrating on one thing for any period of time.' - encyclopaedia britanica.
In urban use can refer to anyone who's behaving hyper or getting easily distracted.
1) John's so A.D.D.!

2) I told him 'dude you gotta calm people'll think you're A.D.D.!'
by Rase December 19, 2005
a gift from above.
bobby; OMGSQUIRREL !? -chases after it-
bobbeh; dude. you have serious a.d.d.
by Linnifer October 18, 2008
makes homework impossible due to high distractions and racing thoughts .. it took me 30 minutes to write this definition due to thinking about sex , dragons , and hot female singers
teacher : have you done your homework ?

me : sorry ADD took it's toll last night
by bonjour12377 January 13, 2013
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