A mental disorder affecting many Americans. Symptoms include: becoming easily distracted, problems keeping focus in conversations, blurting out, frequent careless mistakes, avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort (homework, studying, etc), giving effortless and undivided attention to topics the subject enjoys.

Many critics to the ADD diagnosis say patients are lazy, dumb, bored, and helpless. These people are idiots that fail to realized diversity in our population. They believe that because they can concentrate on tasks that need to be accomplished, everyone else can/should too. They say that people with ADD are lazy and no one likes doing boring daily tasks. They are right in that no one likes doing them, they are wrong in that some people simply can not focus enough to do so.

Everyone has problems. Whether it be mental, physical, etc. Saying a person with ADD is looking for an excuse is like saying a person with an handicap only has one for the sweet parking spot. I will admit, many people take ADD medication for the 'high' they receive, and this is wrong. But MANY drugs are abused, and people that truely have ADD shouldn't be punished. More understanding should be given to people that have been DIAGNOSED with ADD.
Ahhhhh crap, I really have ADD and can't focus on a day-to-day basis without my medicine. I have good days and bad days, but with my medicine I have continued focus. Thank you to whoever created this medicine that allows me to function on a 'normal' level daily.
by Add in Iowa April 15, 2006
add refers to attention deficite disorder.
nathaniel has add like a motha fucka. he just threw that fuckin milk at me and then yelled at me. he must be bipolar to.
by c-trouble January 23, 2007
Attention Deficit Disorder.

e.g., Rob has ADD

Hey what's up with Rob? Why's he jumpin up and down and scrathing his face?

Rob has ADD or akimow
by Rob January 30, 2005
Act of enslaving more than one man at once.
A person who believes she can have it in the butt and still be a virgin.
Act of continuing compulsive word vomit.
A skanky whore who is really a man behind all that makeup.
All of the above and more...
"I don't want him but you can't have him, because I want him too...because I'm ADD"
"No, really, I'm a virgin...I've only had it in the butt...once, twice, hell every night. But I'm still a virgin! Swear!"
"I love him and him, but today I only want you, but just so you know on Tuesday the rules state that I must switch off...sorry!"
Morning, on phone with boyfriend..."Honey, just so you know if you ever see me without makeup, I want you to hear this from me...I'm not a girl! I'm a man! The makeup is key!"
by Lexi and Hope May 18, 2007
A scam involving a fake disorder designed to get parents to buy drugs. "Symptoms" include lack of focus (as with a child) and inability to sit still (as with a child) . Also known as ADHD.
The shrink told the parents their child had ADD and told them to buy Ritalin, because the creators could not otherwise sell it.
by keyanf November 15, 2009
add (Attention-Deficit disorder) is a highly contagious disease that you can get from a public toilet seat or butt sex. Symptoms; Failing to pay close attention to details, Forgetfulness, the random yalling of "Wauuuuuuuu!", Fidgeting, Leaving seat often, and Answering a question before they are finished
"don't give Ryu that chainsaw he has mad crazy add"
by Ryu Corrado December 03, 2006
Verb - Derived from Attention Deficit Disorder. To ADD someone is to completely forget about them; to forget about.
Ted ADDed me for dinner.
Ted ADDed class this morning.
My roommate, Ted, ADDed college.
by appledj2 November 05, 2005
Attention deficit disor- PREETY FLOWER! Flower my bestest friend! ^_^
What the fuck? Adult ADD? Why not call it just ADD?
by I.K. April 11, 2005
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