A disease every kid these days claims they have.
I have ADD. Me too. Me 3. Me 4. Fuck you.
by ass crust June 17, 2003
A mental disorder affecting many Americans. Symptoms include: becoming easily distracted, problems keeping focus in conversations, blurting out, frequent careless mistakes, avoiding tasks that require sustained mental effort (homework, studying, etc), giving effortless and undivided attention to topics the subject enjoys.

Many critics to the ADD diagnosis say patients are lazy, dumb, bored, and helpless. These people are idiots that fail to realized diversity in our population. They believe that because they can concentrate on tasks that need to be accomplished, everyone else can/should too. They say that people with ADD are lazy and no one likes doing boring daily tasks. They are right in that no one likes doing them, they are wrong in that some people simply can not focus enough to do so.

Everyone has problems. Whether it be mental, physical, etc. Saying a person with ADD is looking for an excuse is like saying a person with an handicap only has one for the sweet parking spot. I will admit, many people take ADD medication for the 'high' they receive, and this is wrong. But MANY drugs are abused, and people that truely have ADD shouldn't be punished. More understanding should be given to people that have been DIAGNOSED with ADD.
Ahhhhh crap, I really have ADD and can't focus on a day-to-day basis without my medicine. I have good days and bad days, but with my medicine I have continued focus. Thank you to whoever created this medicine that allows me to function on a 'normal' level daily.
by Add in Iowa April 15, 2006
Attention Deficit Disorder, most frequently diagnosed in kids. It's something that can easily be "self diagnosed" in a pseudo science way, but it is something that everyone on the internet seems to have an opinion on, whether they are a doctor or not.
Asshole 1:"ADD is just a sorry excuse for people to be lazy! Believe me, I know!"

Asshole 2:"ADD is a real thing, a doctor can diagnose you for it! I know a guy!"
by mrbigmclargehuge September 11, 2011
ADD is a mental disorder which leads to restlessness, difficulty paying attention or focusing, and a short attention span. It is caused by a chemical imbalance, when the brain manufactures insufficient amounts of a stimulant. am not sure what the name of the chemical is. ADD medications make people without ADD hyper because it is the same type of stimulant as Mountain Dew. That's why I drink mountain dew whenever my prescription runs out, because it relieves my symptoms.
ADD makes meh twitchy. A lot. Although, technically, I have ADHD. Hmm.
by I-gots-teh-ADD's February 26, 2009
Attention Deficit Disorder. A very irritating problem even though it is fun acting hyper and confused when I don't take my medication. I fit in better with my friends when I don't take my medicine.
Friend 1: Dude you're acting weird. Did you take your ADD medication this morning?
Me: WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW HUH I DON'T NEED THE DAMN MEDICATION I'M PERFECTLY FI... How did I get in this room? When did the bus drop me off? What were we talking about?
Friend 2: Whoa, calm down. Jeez.
Friend 3: I don't think she took it this morning... O.o
Friend 4: Ever hear of breathing?
Friend 5: Or punctuation for that matter?
Me: Did I spaz again?
Friend 1: Yep... O_o
Friend 3: She doesn't remember?
Friend 2: She's just like GIR!!!!
by iit'z all aboutt tthe muziic January 20, 2009
the state of being unemployed : involuntary idleness of workers; also : the rate of such unemployment

Receiving Checks for being laid off from your job, unexpectedly.
Fawzia: "So I get free hawaii vacation yeah ?"

Government: "This is not a hawaii vacation Fawzia Ahmadi"

Fawzia: "No, I already know dont lie, I'm going to Hawaii and Mexico, to go tan"

Government: " Oo kussy !! Chi guftem ta?! Yak Hawaii Mawaii nasta!! Biskulon vacation macation dega!!"

ADD: Unemlpoyment
by YEEEAH July 28, 2012
Having attention deficit problems is not too bad. I have learned to work around the whooooossshhhhh tornados are wickeddddd UH OH!
ADD means attention def...oooohhh a butterfly
by P huNgy September 07, 2005
Term used in large-scale internet role playing type games (MMORPG's). Short for additional. Denotes the arrival of an "add", or additional NPC character, usually one that has entered "aggro range" and joined the current fight.
"Shit, add"
*group dies*
by Erik Jacobson May 20, 2005
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