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The unique ability to determine which Asian country a person is from.
My adar tells me that my boss is from Korea.
by BJ Murphy November 09, 2007
1. The name of the 6th month (out of 12) in the Jewish calendar. The Jews celebrate the holiday Purim, on this month.

2. A name. Both for males or females.
"Can't wait for Purim!! I'm going to be disguised as Queen Esther."

"It's next month, right? On Adar?"

by A~A October 23, 2008
Short form of asshole raydar. A 6th sense about assholes where upon meeting someone, you can instantly know whether or not they are an asshole.
Similar to gaydar, but with assholes.
Fras: Hey, isnt that sebastian?
Cass: Careful, my A-dar is screaming code red
by Smoker #1 January 08, 2009
(short from asshole-dar) Ability to detect whether a guy is an asshole right away, before wasting weeks on him. Works similar to gaydar.
Joe Shmoe is a cute guy. I wish I had an A-dar to check if he's an asshole.
by [a]Ny[A] January 12, 2010

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