A giant (in height) gamer without an active social life, whom still lives with parents and is undoubtedly a virgin.
He's such an adamski it's unreal
by purplecrust August 14, 2012
Top Definition
means the pinacle of cool
thats well adamski

gosh he is adamski
by TABIZZLE DA SHIZZLE June 12, 2005
The literal ownage machine of gaming.
I wish I was adamski, I'm sick of being a noob at this game.
by Alan Frankie October 17, 2009
A dick. A real big sweet saucy fuck-on-a-stick bitchflappin' tater tot.
That guy is so adamski.
by Ehwhat December 08, 2013
1.The Very Definition Of An Arrogant Guy, Who Loves To Be Arrogant, And As Such Annoys The Hell Out Of Everyone. Usually Listens To Music Which Boosts His Own Ego, And Frequently Uses These Lyrics In Conversation As Expression Of Arrogance.

2. A Myspace God, Dedicated To Bringing The Wrath Of The World Down On Any That Wrong Him.
Bro, That Adamski Is So Arrogant, Look At Him Listening To Those Kanye/Fall Out Boy Mashups...


Bro, Adamski Added Me Last Night. What A DICK!
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