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A blink-182 song about a boy called Adam who was a die hard blink fan. He wrote a suicide note and sent it to Mark Hoppus, the bassist, before he killed himself. Mark then wrote this song about him. The verses are about Adam, the chorus about the band on tour.
Adam's Song is rad!
by Mully May 03, 2005
The best song that Blink-182 has ever made. This song talks about suicide clearly in the lyrics. EX: "You'll be sorry when im gone"
Every one is stupid if you dont like this song....
by Bi-mon-sci-fi-con April 12, 2005
the best song ever
it's about a guy called adam, he killed himself
adam's song makes me cry
by it'smeok April 30, 2006
A very emotional song By Blink-182.
The song is about suicide and overcoming it.
One of their more heart heart felt songs.
Dude, I love Adam's Song.

Yeah me too.
by St3vo February 14, 2012
Blink 182 may not be a great band, especially since Enema of the State but this song is simply amazing.
I wish Blink 182 would go back to their punk roots.
by U66 April 19, 2004
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