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activist + masochist = activ-masochist

a member/activist involved in a collective or organization that is politically classified as "pacifist";

an activ-masochist is actively involved
in do-nothing,turn-cheek,beat down by pro-violence groups without resisting organizations(these org's ironically rely on the violent philosophy of the gun weilding police for protection)

.. assata shakur dropped out of the so-called civil rights movement after experiencing abuse training used to teach non-violent so-called discipline.she quit after objecting to the spit in your face program/training.being spit on,beaten or abused "willfully" is an example of activ-masochism;also pronounced acto-masochist or maso-activist
"man,before dr king met bayard rustin, he was a member of a gun club prepared to defend himself like n.carolina naacp president robert f williams or the deacons for defense.after meeting rustin,who studied mahatma ghandi's teachings,king became an activ-masochist"..
by reverend--triggafinga November 04, 2008
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