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Great stress relieving sex. When you have to put it down in the bed room so your mate can "Act Right."
My chicks been naggin all day so I had to give her some actright. She's cleaning up and making my breakfast now.
by Denmark Vesey March 27, 2009
to put someone in check; to give someone a beat down
yo, don't make me give you some act right
by da diva September 26, 2003
what you say to people who are behaving out of line, or stupid, or being a hater. commonly used towards white people and hoes
Act right or I'll bitch slap you.
by j dub December 10, 2002
when He/She put it down so good you start behaving better so they wont leave you and give it to somebody else
Boy you the best you got that act right baby
by msyobaby November 24, 2011
I'm getting gone off the actright
by SHAKA OUT THE BAY September 18, 2003
Like Diva said, giving one a beat down. putting them in check. Teaching a lesson.
"you need to tell your homie to shape up before i give him some act right
by D. Ferrel September 29, 2003
is when you want to get some yeahfrom your girl.As in having sex with your significant other
Ay Jai im trying to get that act right.Forreal im not playing
by Jai February 07, 2005
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