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(genre) Style of music developed in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA combining the singer/songwriter genre with hip hop. It breaks away from the stereotypical "acoustic" sound which tends to be overly dramatic with the purpose of being "sensitive" or "nostalgic" and drifts away from the electronic back beats of Hip Hop with the use of an acoustic guitar and maybe a cajon (percussion intrument). It does this by using interesting rhyming patterns, slang and string plucking as opposed to strumming. A highly entertaining and often comedic listening experience that is full of collaboration a la hip hop's Wu Tang Clan.
We went to see some local singer/songwriters at a coffee shop. For the most part they all sounded the same accept for the one guy playing acoustic hop. He was funny and had us wanting to shake our booties. At different points during his set other artists joined in with him on stage. It was awesome!
by Sentinel408 September 07, 2009
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