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One of the greatest hard rock songs of all time, written and performed by Led Zeppelin. Crazy solos, intense riffs and 10 and a half minutes long. Comes close to Stairway to being the greatest hard rock song ever.
The Achilles Last Stand guitar tab gave me a headache.
by GUITARHERO June 02, 2006
Led Zeppelin's Rock-Epic. One of the best Rock songs ever written. A journey through "Sandy lands" & "Treading the air above the din".

The song was dropped after only 2 or 3 times during the Page & Plant tour of 1995. The song was so powerful they felt it surpassed all perfomances of '77 & '80.

Achilles Last Stand...The mighty arms of Atlas, hold the heavens fron the earth.....Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin
by lovetorim April 27, 2007
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