a poor mod on Rajah's of questionable gender.
see hermy
haha, you are Ace Rockola
by Unnamed Source February 06, 2004
Top Definition
a guy on loveline who is also adam corolla
Hi I am ace rockola
by shut up June 04, 2003
Is a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's not a whale either. The whale is 200lbs lighter and has a higher IQ.

This mammoth is highly dangerous, approach with caution. It is very possible that he will put you in a tazzmission, before consuming your body parts for snackie time.

Likely to be seen in his/her adopted home, the bushes outside AJ Styles house.
"He called me porky pig, so I hit him with an Olympic Slam and went straight for the ankle lock...The principal called for the bell as the entire school chanted my name" - Ace Rockola
by Billy Bunter March 01, 2004
His stomach is the final resting place of Crash Holly, along with countless donuts and pizzas. RIP Crash. :(
I'm sure glad I'm not Ace Rockola.
by pseudo-chop! November 04, 2004
Man? Woman? More like something in between. What lies between his legs is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and shoved between the legs of a fat, long haired freak thing.

Will we ever find out? Will anyone? Unlikely. That'd involve someone having some type of sex with him.
Oh man, did you see Ace Rockolas pictures? He's a dude, right?
by Sid February 08, 2004
A Ozzy Osbourne wannabe, deemed transexual by society, despite no knowledge of previous/present gender. Wrestling moderator is main source of socialisation.

See also transexual , loser
"Hey buddy, is that Ace Rockola a dude or a chick?"
by some hot dude February 07, 2004
A large ogre type creature of unspecified gender. Carnivore. Can be found stalking its prey at local WWE signings.
I saw Ace Rockola last week, I had nightmares ever since.
by Timmy February 07, 2004
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