German word called AS in English but pronounced Ass.
(Playing cards and you ask) "Do you have an ass?" Meaning do you have an ace?
by Dat canadian kid February 18, 2013
Cards: the main card of a given game, can symbolize a low ace (1) or a high ace (above king), or can be considered anything (aces wild).
read em and weep. 4 aces
by [c0x0r] February 27, 2005
Asian Chink Empire. A social group for Asian Chinese. ACE members usually wear green.
chink: "I'm wearing green cuz i'ma part of ACE"
by Wu-z October 04, 2008
a term used in some places when asking for the last bit of someone's cigarette. Usualy, when you give someone an ace, its when there's about a half an inch left from the paper, to the start of the filter
"let me get an ace of that cigarette?"
by bhuvgd September 09, 2008
Cool, new-wave, savage
"Wind surfing is Ace!"
"Not as Ace as Bass Jumping...."
by McBiscuit March 01, 2008
A tennis serve that is untouched by the returner, usually due to high speeds or extreme spins.
Despite Johansson's 51 aces, Agassi still won the match.
by brm August 15, 2005
Ace is a cover word for the curse word Ass. If you have a stupid parent that is big into NOT swearing and you are talking with your friends you come up with cover words.
Oh my god my math teacher is such an Ace.
by SunflowerStomper November 17, 2010
When a bowel movement is completed, and only one wipe of toilet paper is used to finish the job, that particular poop is referred to as an "ace".
Dude, i just took an ace!
by chucklesrutherford September 27, 2010

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