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German word called AS in English but pronounced Ass.
(Playing cards and you ask) "Do you have an ass?" Meaning do you have an ace?
by Dat canadian kid February 18, 2013
1. When you take a dump with no poo residue left behind on your ass; wiping is not required.
2. A flawless crap where the poo has exited without smudging on your ass; absolutely no mess at all.
1. After i had a deuce I went to whipe my ass but when i looked at the tp after whipping there was no shit on it, I had an ace!
2. Jimmy is on fire this week, his shit streak has been unmatched with a total of 7 consecutive aces.
3. I'm so glad I had a fawking ace, I had no time for maintenance on my durf because I was in a hurry.
by Moonshine March 20, 2005
To get rid of.
Man, ace that hat, it looks stupid on you.
by Rich November 27, 2003
An Ace is a stuck up sort of guy, with the qualities of being an overwhelming douche bag, and does not know how to act like a real man. He is more of a whimp inside at heart, even though he tends to pretend on the outside that he is some powerful being. But this power only resides in online games, and never in his real life. He also has trouble getting girls, staying with them, and has a problem letting go even though they're really not the right one. No girl ever wants to be stuck with an Ace. He will not only treat you horridly, but will fuck you up after your relationship is over, in bitter angst.
Person 1:Wow you're mentally fucked over. Did you date an Ace?
Person 2: Yeah.. I did.. That douche..
Person 1: What a dick.
by Truetoyourself July 18, 2012
calling to hit the pipe first
the boy called aces as the kids went to smoke
by tim wanag May 24, 2011
Ass Clown Extrodinaire
That man is an ACE dumbass fool dork akward goofy
by reagleh November 05, 2010
1) Being very good at something.
2) Making a point in tennis just from the serve.
3) First cousin to the Prince.
1) Zidane is an Ace at Soccer.
2) Hey, i just rolled up Ace.
by bastiankf May 14, 2006
a term for a small ammount of a ciggarette, usually no more then a few/couple of lines before the letters. sometimes can be skimpy and named "jailhouse ace".
person one: hey, can I get a bit of your ciggarette?
person two: how about a ace?
person one: sure, thanks.
by gary March 12, 2005