German word called AS in English but pronounced Ass.
(Playing cards and you ask) "Do you have an ass?" Meaning do you have an ace?
by Dat canadian kid February 18, 2013
Asian Cross-Eyed Syndrome (ACES) is a commonly occurring physical feature primarily seen in people of Far East origin. Many Asians, often 2nd generation Chinese women, have eyelids slanted in such a way that when they look in certain directions, one pupil disappears partially behind their eyelid. The discrepancy between the location of the 'lost' pupil and the normal one create a temporary 'cross-eyed' appearance. This can be quite deceiving.
Perhaps one of the most well known women with ACES is Lucy Liu. She has a prettyyy serious case.

At a party:
Dude 1: Yo that Asian broad is staring me down hard.
Dude 2: Nah bro, she's definitely looking at her boyfriend.
Boyfriend: No, she has ACES, she's definitely checking out Dude 1. Whore.
by DaBigO April 19, 2011
another word for "ass"
My husband locked himself in his car again--what an ace.
by AnnHedonia March 05, 2008
1. when you successfully score an A on a test .

2. when you wipe out an enemy team or completely demolish someone in an FPS.

3. one of the superior cards in a deck of cards.
1. Yes, I finally scored an Ace on my pre-cal test.

2. Dude I just Aced their whole team by myself, what a bunch of noobs.

3. Holy crap guys watch out, he has an Ace.
by hax pex April 29, 2008
Cool ;Cooler than sick; spot on; rad; awesome.
Like damn that girl is ace

that's so fucking ace man

This club is hella ace
by Divadivadiva December 31, 2013
A description of a reliable and close compadre.
'My neighbour is so ace - he always knows what I need.'
by RedGirl June 12, 2013
Excellent! Very good!
by sreyn October 25, 2012
Awesome. Cool. Amazing. Basically anything that is really fricking sweet.
That car was wicked ace!
by duk28 June 20, 2011

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