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German word called AS in English but pronounced Ass.
(Playing cards and you ask) "Do you have an ass?" Meaning do you have an ace?
by Dat canadian kid February 18, 2013
A hairstyle

1. Usually describes a hairstyle with a very high fringe.

2.Can also be used to refer to someone with an Ace hairstyle

Originated from the Jim Carrey film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
"Jesus, look at the size of the ace on yer man."

"Hello Timmy, your ginger Ace is looking quite well today."

"Well, Ace! What's the craic?"
by Martin Storey April 24, 2009
Acronym - Asian Cock Eater
Get away from that Ace!
by As1an! October 15, 2008
Contrary to popular use, ace could also be a slang term for one's "ass" or "buttocks".

Also can be used in the place of "buttsecks" in order to not offend people.
Oww, somebody hit me in the ace.

Let's have acesecks!
by Pocketful of Sunshine October 06, 2008
When you give the second half of your cigarette to another person.

Like a bust or bust down
"Hey dude, wanna ace me on that cig?"
by Kimberly_lucky7 March 07, 2008
To roll 1-2-3 in a game of cee-lo, usually resulting in an automatic loss
This is my last dollar son, I better not ace!
by Fawnzarelli August 14, 2007
An Ace is a girl who could be a 1 or an 11 on the hot scale. Like when you only see the back of a girl and she has a nice body, shes an 11, but right when she turns around, she has a God awful face and turns into a 1. Just like the Ace can be a 11 or a 1 in Blackjack
Damn dude that girl is an ace! look at that ass!" *girl turns around* "Oh gross! what is that on her face?! she totally is an ace!
by Rikkerry25 September 16, 2010
to talk to a boy or girl that one is seeking a reltionship with. Ace is more serious than flirt but less serious than being in a relationship.
-""Is that your boyfriend?"
-"Nah, we ace but that's it."
-"Well acing is cool. Y'all will be together soon."
-"I hope so."
by Chuck Beezy June 07, 2009