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The excited, confused, inappropraite state of mind a medical student reaches during finals time. It is a syndrome of acute onset characterized by uncontrollable gchating, youtubing, facebooking, google+ing, sneaking food in the library, as well as an exponential increase in the amount of breaks to "make peepees", due to caffeine overdosing. The syndrome can be aggravated by accelerated medical school programs of the caribbean nature. In this case, those affected, rather than actively working on a tan, are working on a DVT directly correlated to sitting on a desk for 22 hours straight. Complete resolution and healing is expected within 7-10 days post examination. Recovery is accelerated by alcohol, sleeping, stuffing one's face with food, and avoiding all direct and indirect contact with studyproducts and the such. Condition is highly infectious.
Frederica: What time are you going home?
Me: NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....... Academic delirium currently in progress...............have to get through another 86 hours of adaboobies, yakaboots, pandybear, and da beevs. Wanna get another coffee?
#get off island mode #pre-final cranckness #fire under the buns #loco cookies #get back to work #how romantical #mediasite fever
by gigglemonsterinthehouse August 14, 2011
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